Auto Accident Referrals and Personal Injury Attorneys

As many of our clients already know, we bring in more than just names for our referrals. Over and above the general kinds of demographic data that go into many marketing campaigns, doctors who use our services at Telemarketing For Chiropractors receive critical information on the personal injury patient’s scenario, including details about insurance and other orienting information that makes it easier to marke the transition from consultation to stable treatment. The data we provide is a major part of our service to chiropractic clinics.

Auto accident referrals are often seeking qualified legal representation. We often schedule MVA patients to meet with a licensed local chiropractor who have not yet secured legal representation. As a result our clients find tremendous benefit in being able to refer our incoming patients to personal injury attorneys in their community.

Whether our clients are using the MVA patients produced from our Personal Injury Telemarketing program to strengthen existing relationships with personal injury law offices or establish new relationships with personal injury attorneys, our personal injury patients present prime opportunities to establish valuable professional connections.